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    Depeche Mode Tribute
    "Re:Covered 3 "

    It was back in 2009 when some Alfa Matrix artists came up with the crazy challenge of paying a collective homage to the unique and mighty DEPECHE MODE. That very band that has been a reference and influence for many of us, let it be for their matchless synth melodies, their carrying song arrangements, their inspiring lyrics or yet their so poignant dark touch.

    10 years later, here we are doing it again and release the 3rd volume in the “Alfa Matrix re:covered – a tribute to DEPECHE MODE” series with 32 brand new cover versions reinterpreted by Alfa Matrix artists.

    With a good combination of unavoidable classic hits and other darker and more obscure songs from DEPECHE MODE’s immense music repertoire, this compilation of cover songs nicely flows in your ears across the rich sonic diversity of Alfa Matrix’s roster of artists. From electro pop to dark elektro, from pop wave to goth metal, from industrial to techno pop, this 32-track compilation is guided by each band’s profound intention to appropriate the song they chose at best and give it an all new perspective.

    Compiled by and for DEPECHE MODE fans, "Alfa Matrix Re:covered - a tribute to Depeche Mode vol.3" will offer you once more a very own insight in what makes the DEPECHE MODE songs so special. Enjoy these interpretations and re-discover the beauty of all those classic DEPECHE MODE songs re:covered by the Alfa Matrix stable including AD:KEY feat. DIE ROBO SAPIENS, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, ALIEN VAMPIRES, KOMOR KOMMANDO, STAR INDUSTRY, METROLAND, HELALYN FLOWERS, TECHNOIR, ACYLUM and so many more! The track list speaks for itself. Enjoy these non-silence moments.

    1. KANT KINO - Pimpf (and touch faith)
    2. KOMOR KOMMANDO feat. Lis van den Akker - Photographic 05:33
    3. ALIEN VAMPIRES - Black day
    4. THE PSYCHIC FORCE - World in my eyes
    5. JUNKSISTA - I feel you
    6. DIFFUZION - Precious
    7. IMJUDAS - A question of time
    8. STAR INDUSTRY - Stripped
    9. LOVELORN DOLLS - In your room
    10.CIRCUITO CERRADO - Little 15
    11.ACYLUM - Nothing’s impossible
    12.AVARICE IN AUDIO - Lie to me
    13.AESTHETISCHE feat. ENTRZELLE - Black celebration
    14.COSMIC ARMCHAIR - See you (sooner)
    15.STUDIO-X - Enjoy the silence
    16.SD-KRTR feat. Lis van den Akker - Things you said
    17.METROLAND - Agent orange
    18.ARMAGEDDON DILDOS - Walking in my shoes
    19.AD:KEY feat. DIE ROBO SAPIENS - Master and servant 03:54
    20.CRYTEK - Shake the disease
    21.LLUMEN - Halo
    22.HELALYN FLOWERS - Dream on
    23.SYNAPSYCHE - A pain that I’m used to
    24.H.O.W. - Lilian
    25.REGENERATOR - Personal jesus (faith healer)
    26.RECTOR SCANNER feat. Riccy S.N. - The sun and the rainfall
    27.TECHNOIR - Suffer well (paul is dead mix)
    28.MENTAL EXILE - Here is the house
    29.SCHWARZBLUT - Never let me down again
    30.AD:KEY - Nodisco
    31.NEIKKA RPM - More than a party
    32.METROLAND - Photographic (framed remix)

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