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      "The Best Of"

      Label: Trisol Music (2013)
      And now “the relapse: “Something For The Pain” seems to be a remedy” only to rip open old wounds, to drag all those demons into the light of day that were long thought dead and gone. 20 songs make up this elaborate double CD, a chronological ride through 14 years of music. Disc one is all about the first three albums, features all these Electro Rock anthems that made the world fall to Zeromancer's feet in the early years of the 21st century. The dirty honesty of “Clone Your Lover”, the immortal chorus of “Dr Online” or the morbid “Hollywood” invite you to a painful and lustful time travel culminating into the here and now on the second disc. After six years of silence, Zeromancer suddenly returned with “Sinners International”. A lot of problems had built up, all these desires and psychoses discharged in the unforgettable “My Little Tragedy” or the stomping violence of “It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex).
      Since then, the Norwegians are back in the game, only to unleash the dark ?The Death of Romance” one year later. “The Hate Alphabet” reigns supreme and offers a chilly Industrial flavor next to driving beats an aura taken up by “Auf Wiedersehen Boy” from the last effort. Last, but not least: With its towering drama, the exclusive new track points into a future glowing equally promising as the legendary past. Imagine yourself on the edge. Line up for the escalators taking you down below. Welcomed to the underground by a packed dancefloor pumping out the new hard electronic sound of , Zeromancer. The frenzied crowd flashed up by a merciless strobe light. Monumental and beautiful. Seductively catchy as always and now fronted by striking vocoded vocals proclaiming the obvious.

    dkk 130/eur 17