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Promenade Cinema
Living Ghosts
Mono No Aware
A Storm Is Coming
Drab Majesty
Modern Mirror
Private Life
Private Life
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      Label: Echozone (2011)
      TheCD, produced by Remi Janotta (ex-Psyche), contains ten new compositions. The title is meant as an expression of everyday life characterized by contrasts: life/death, peace/war, love/hate, happiness/unhappiness, light/dark, on/off etc. All the greatest possible differences are in reality but one, just like the two sides of a coin. The combination of these opposites is the origin of all being, and especially to promote the digital world - the dual system.
      Since their establishment in 1992 !Distain have been merging these seemingly irreconcilable opposites in their music, just like the suicide descriptive "Dance in Heaven", which was embedded in a dreamy pop arrangement, as well as their bitter reckoning with the Catholic Church in 2004, entitled "S*x'n'Cross", which came along as a dancefloor pop track. Radical lyrics and extremely catchy pop melodies!
      In 2011 !Distain still stand for seemingly irreconcilable opposites, but at the same time they go far beyond that. The two versions of "Mein Weg" featured on this album could not be more contradictory. Radio versus club, "on" versus "off"....

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