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Let Out The Noise Inside
I Saw Nothing Good So I Left
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
Artificial Extinction
Artificial Extinction
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      Darkness On Demand

      Label: Repo Records (2019)

      Science Fiction is Reality. Founded in 2017 by the Dance or Die musicians, Wagner and Falgalas, the electro band DARKNESS ON DEMAND is launching their second album.
      After the debut "Post Stone Age Technology" detoxification follows and continues her journey through futuristic fantasy worlds. Musically between transcendental atmospheres, driving dance beats and aggressive EBM sounds, DARKNESS ON DEMAND catapult the listener out of the miserable state of being of the here and now into an automated, digitized future in which humanity is increasingly mutating into cyborgs and machine people. The digital slaughter cattle can degenerate into functioning, standardized, gray consumer of unity, without any claim to individuality, guided by ideological dictators, according to the motto we are the Borg, we are the collective ". Driven by the grim prospect of a near future, the cyberpunks of DARKNESS ON DEMAND beat back and set humanity, feelings,

      1. Never Look Back
      2. Brain Fucked
      3. Detoxification
      4. Stay Away
      5. When the Angel Wants to Be Send
      6. Last Salvation
      7. I Do not Care
      8. Holy Water
      9. God Needs No Religion
      10. Get me to another planet
      11. Pain in Me
      12. Time is right for
      13. Your Burden

    dkk 120/eur 16