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Electro Strip
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Solar Fake
You Win. Who Cares
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      "Neon Oblivion "

      Label: Zedsdead Records (2017)

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      The German Synth Pop Zynic is back with a bang with a brand new album! Four years after the successful and more introvert album Blindsided Zynic delivers 10 brand new tracks to warm your heart and move your feet. The new album Neon Oblivion is a long and angry look into human abysses in a very entertaining way. Melodic Retropop for the future. Strongly recommened from one of Germany┬┤s best Synth Pop acts!
      1- Neon Oblivion
      2- Fear My Love
      4-Powered by Death
      5-Say Just Words
      6-Slice of Life
      8-Free to Decide
      10- Side Effects

    dkk 120/eur 16