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      The Devil & The Universe
      "Folk Horror"

      Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe (2017)

      Perfect for this time of year, The Devil and The Universe are releasing their next LP Folk Horror just in time for the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd.
      The 8 track LP set’s the perfect atmosphere to bury the dream of summer in the dread of longer nights and flickering candlelight. The use of samples on in on par with with industrial heroes like Skinny Puppy, and the music is akin to the film composers that those samples are culled from, say John Carpenter, or Goblin, with the distinctly Pagan feel of 1973’s The Wicker Man.

      Limited edition of 999 handnumbered copies, 2017

      1. Alchemical Landscape
      2. Willow Dance
      3. The Ash Tree
      4. A Fiend In The Furrows
      5. Black Harvest
      6. Wyrd
      7. The Church Of The Goat
      8. When We Were Trees

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