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    Cervello Elettronico
    "Top Ded Ctr"

    A cryptic title, a well-established producer, a significant evolution in sound: LA-based David Christian returns with his third studio album for HANDS - 14 tracks in the grey area of raw electronic underground. TOP DED CTR manages to hover elegantly between subtle textures and banging beats, at the same time straightforward and calculated. This dynamic is essential for a great hard electronic album.

    David Christian has taken three years to further develop his sound after the upfront audio assault of “Logical Fears”. While remaining true to the sonic outline of head-on beats, crisp bass lines, and carefully measured noise, the tracks on TOP DED CTR allow space to breathe and unfold it's unique atmosphere. Metallic techno bangers like “Drive” or “Resist” scream out, unleashed to the dance floor crowd, just like “Center” or “Weaponize” (which sit on the industrial side of the spectrum with it's undeniable rhythm’n’noise roots.) For good measure there are also mid tempo tracks (“The Report”, Mind Mechanism”), beatless interludes (“30 Year Decay”), as well as the distorted electro tech darkness of “Nowhere Fast” - and infectious psycho melodic hook of “We Know Exactly What Will Kill Us”, possibly the main theme of this album.

    A fine example of how industrial and techno are a perfect match - or rather branches of the same tree, one that is experiencing strong growth for sure: TOP DED CTR draws from 18 years experience as a producer and older influences to achieve a sound that is totally state-of-the-art.
    1. Everything 04:45
    2. Drive 05:30
    3. Resist 05:23
    4. We Know Exactly What Will Kill Us 05:53
    5. Controlling Systems 05:33
    6. Triggered 05:52
    7. The Report 05:45
    8. 30 Years Decay 02:23
    9. Center 05:10
    10.Drop Off 05:01
    11.Mind Mechanism 05:45
    12.Radical Law 05:23
    13.Weaponize 05:49
    14.Nowhere Fast 06:19

dkk 120/eur 16