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    "The Vintage Collection"

    Label: Ek Product (2018)

    The global electro - EBM scene will be excited about this out of the ordinary release by Swedish EBM masters Autodafeh, a highly representative band that has always demonstrated how to combine a great compositional art with a perfect knowledge of the best sound guidelines, aimed at the spread of catchy, spectacular modulations.
    The album "The Vintage Collection", available both on vinyl and CD versions, contains some precious classics taken from the project's past discography plus ALL NEW Songs, each ofwhich characterized by an enormous potential. Schematic percussions, combined with vocals pronounced in cold severity and with minimal synths orchestrations, constitute the prevalent structures of all the episodes on the tracklist, which is loaded with electronic magnetism and danceable energy. That of Autodafeh is an exclusive sonic theorem, an eloquent example of how music can interact at the same time with brain and with the human locomotor apparatus,
    Thanks to rhythmical linearity and to transversely melodic formulations, in which the logic of instrumentations becomes authentic propulsive dynamism, while the singer's voice becomes a mechanism of dragging force.
    No electro fan will be able to resist this stellar masterpiece.
    You will not believe what you will listen to!
    The CD version comes in a nice Digipak and features 4 bonus-tracks, not available on the limited Vinyl!
    01 Heaven Screams 03:49
    02 Identity unknown 03:50
    03 Ready to go 03:56
    04 Divided we fall 03:55
    05 Religion and Politics 05:07
    06 No Names 03:27
    07 Dark Sky 03:41
    08 Hunt for Glory 03:33
    09 Hall of Fame 03:44
    10 Airborne 03:12
    11 Secret Ground 03:56
    12 Retro Electric 03:37
    13 Bodycount 03:10
    14 Exercise your Brain 03:50

dkk 120/eur 16