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Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
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      "Get The Balance Right"

      Label: Undo Records (2017)

      Marsheaux [re-] recorded "Get the Balance Right" exclusively for their HANSA Studios appearance last month (21 June 2017) [in occasion of the official Depeche Mode warm-up party for Depeche Mode’s Berlin Show] in the legendary studios and was offered at the merchandise stall at
      their live performance in a special ‘Souvenir Tour’ project. All copies of the box set were immediately sold out at merchandise stall and the few remaining were sold by Undo’s mailorder only. Due to public demand, and with ‘just’ 2 years of delay to originally announced release date, the EP is now unleashed to a wider public – although still remaining very limited!

      The EP contains two versions of Depeche Mode’s 1983 single, including the instrumental B-Side ‘The Great Outdoors!’ plus two previously unreleased versions of ‘Now this is Fun’ (from the ‘See You’ Single 1982): a Live-version recorded in Sweden and in addition to the
      CDr inside above mentioned BOX-set, it also contains a new ‘The Eagle has landed’-Version of ‘Now this is Fun’, featuring the vocals of Marsheaux (while the original had James New of the Mirrors on vocals…)

      Limited edition of 400 copies in a matt digipak sleeve No re-print whatsoever, after it’s sold out!
      01 Get the Balance Right
      02 Get the Balance Right (Piano)
      03 The Great Outdoors !
      04 Now this is Fun (Live at ‘Electronic Summer Gothenburg’ 29-08-2015)
      05 Now this is Fun (‘The Eagle has landed’ Version)