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    Henric De La Cour
    "Gimme Daggers "

    Henric de la Cour is the closest thing to a Swedish phenomenon within the darkwave / electrogoth scene that you can come by. With acts such as Yvonne and Strip Music he has for over 20 years now been at the centre of the scene in Sweden.
    One thing that people do not know about him is that during all these years Henric has held a very dark secret. That he suffers from Cystic fibrosis. A disease that almost always leads to an early death. Documentary filmmaker Jacob Frösen followed Henric for almost four years and documented how life with the disease affects Henric and to have death as your close friend all the time. The film called "Henric de la Cour" received fantastic reviews and was broadcast on both Swedish and Norwegian national television several times.
    In the end of the documentary something happens, something that turns Henric´s life upside down. The specific form of cystic fibrosis that Henric has, can all of a sudden be halted and life gets a new meaning. Nothing will ever be like it was.
    "Gimme Daggers" is Henric de la Cour´s most personal album. Where eternal darkness is suddenly shattered. A sort of farewell to a world that has been painted in darkness and death. "Gimme Daggers" is Henric´s most complete work up-to-date as a solo artist. And in a way a look towards a future that was non- existent before.
    01. Slow Death Intro
    02. Kowalski Was Here
    03. Two Against One
    04. Body Politic
    05. Driver
    06. Hank Sometimes
    07. Mr. D
    08. New Building
    09. Teeth, Please
    10. Worthless Web
    11. Arkham Supermarket
    12. Fury

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