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Let Out The Noise Inside
I Saw Nothing Good So I Left
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
Artificial Extinction
Artificial Extinction
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      "True Lies"

      Label: Mecanica Records (2019)

      “True Lies” was originally released in 1999 on Daft Records and showed Dirk Ivens (The Klinik, Absolute Body Control) once again changing the game to create another refreshing and groundbreaking album. Suggestive industrial with distorted vocals, metallic rhythms and noises perfectly balanced with up tempo dance beats and technoid rhythms.

      Production on this work is shared with the talent of Ivan Iusco (Minus Habens Records, Nightmare Lodge) and Eric Van Wonterghem (Insekt, Monolith).

      "True Lies" is available for the first time on vinyl record with all original songs plus extra tracks from the singles "Two Faced Man" and "Broken Meat", some old compilations and a bunch of cover versions to classics by Suicide, The Normal and The Klinik. Limited edition of 550 copies on double blue colour vinyl with gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and numbered card.

      A1. True Lies One
      A2. Sidewalk Sinner
      A3. Breathing
      A4. Give It To Me
      A5. Two Faced Man
      B1. Be Yourself
      B2. Dreamhunter
      B3. Voodoo Child
      B4. Are You Awake
      B5. True Lies Two
      C1. Waiting And Burning
      C2. Blindness
      C3. In The Glasshouse
      C4. The Human Race
      C5. Skullscraper
      D1. Obsession
      D2. Cheree
      D3. Warm Leatherette
      D4. Moving Hands
      D5. Ghostrider

    dkk 220/eur 30