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The Spell Of The Spider
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Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
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    In Slaughter Natives
    "Psicofonías: Las Voces Desconocidas "

    Label: GH Records (2017)

    Approx 47 minus opus by legendary IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES! In the year 2008 film director Jose Moral shot a documentary about the voices of dead people, where echoes of spirits leave us some footprint after death. Humankind has believed during a long time that it is possible to communicate with dead people. Over the years, seances, mediums and psychics have been possible instruments to make contact with the afterlife. So, EVP is a spiritual footprint and a communication link to the soundtrack in this documentary.

    It relies on one of the most important projects in the Dark Ambient Industrial scene: In Slaughter Natives, a pioneer in the symphonic industrial field and part of the legendary label Cold Meat Industry. Jouni Havukainen who carries out an outstanding and deep work full of aspects where in some parts we can truly listen to the voices of dead people.
    01 Thou shall [Witness]
    02 Opened Eyes
    03 My Oath My Humble Wrath, Infinity in Silence
    04 Thou shall [Glorify]
    05 But I still never made it
    06 Thou shall [Dismember]
    07 We who never sleep
    08 Thou Shall [Purify]
    09 My Torment
    10 Thou shall [Disname]
    11 You are the Dead
    12 Behind My Walls