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      Proyecto Mirage
      "Reptilians Are Watching Us"

      Proyecto Mirage have surely kept us waiting – seven years since their well-received “Steam Tech” album, with only a handful of festival appearances since. But you bet the waiting was worth its while: “Reptilians Are Watching Us” is a tongue-in-cheek titled, exciting update of their trademark heavy electro sound with compelling details, easily the most vocal-heavy album in the HANDS back catalogue - and arguably the catchiest, albeit remaining true to the raw sound aesthetic of Proyecto Mirage.

      Reptilian humanoids are a staple of mythology, fiction, and conspiracy theories, in modern times some spine-tingling entertainment feature. And Proyecto Mirage are bound to entertain from track 1: “The Envoy” is no less than a full-blown electro hit song, with Alicia’s vocal performance having matured from agitatory shouts into earworm-inducing singing. This feature remains the centrepiece on most of the album, with nice details added throughout: A disco-ish bass line in “You, Reptile”, EBM sequences in “The Comet (Doomsday Mix) ”, the hymnic depth of “Shine”, the upfront rocking attitude of “Plastic Legs”. “Evil Eyes” or “War for Dreams” draw new wave references, “Walk in the Light” reveals an industrial heritage. More to discover? On “Digitos - 2020” Alicia sings in Spanish, on “Prediger” in German.

      If that wasn’t enough, “Annunaki”, “Baalbeck” and “Nibiru” not only reference mythology, but provide some downbeat instrumental diversion. “Reptilians are Watching Us” is an electronic album of great maturity and gets the balance between the harsher and the more accessible moments perfectly right.

      01 The Envoy
      02 You, Reptile
      03 The Comet (Doomsday Mix)
      04 Digitos - 2020
      05 Anunnaki
      06 Shine
      07 Baalbeck
      08 Plastic Legs
      09 War For Dreams
      10 Walk in the Light
      11 Prediger
      12 Evil Eyes (Reptile Disco)
      13 Nibiru

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