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    "Still Living In Caves"

    Label: Nolatency Records (2019)

    Nolatency consists of our brother Geir Hindrum, who´s one of the 3 infamous Hindrum brothers from Trondheim. Geir was living for many years in the USA where he formed the Dark EBM band Nolacency. In USA Nolatency have played concerts, and worked with the band called Dedicated Hardware.
    In 2014 Geir moved back to Norway and played the Celebrata festival, beside that Nolacency played at the Hellfire´s Club 10 year anniversary party. 2 years ago Nolatency supported the almighty Velvet Acid Christ here in Copenhagen.
    After years of work is the debut album finally out from Nolatency, an album that range from slow
    Electro stuff to EBM club hits. Nolatency has some influences from bands like The Klinik, Dive, Velvet Acid Christ and even Leæther Strip, great dark EBM/Industrial.
    1 - Entertainment
    2 - Blind
    3 - Still Living In Caves
    4 - Enslaved
    5 - Manipulation Overdrive
    6 - Victim Of Life
    7 - Freedom To Follow
    8 - New Dawn
    9 - Rise From The Past
    10-If You Want Change
    11-Take Back Your Life
    12-A Good Day To Die

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