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She Past Away
Clan Of Xymox
Spiders On The Wall
Portion Control
Head Buried
Of The Wand & The Moon
Tainted Tears
Beneath The Whelm
Beneath The Whelm
Frozen Plasma
Apoptygma Berzerk
Nein Danke
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    Various Artists

    Label: Kompuphonik Records (2017)

    The double-cd-release "XX" is the 20th-anniversary-release of the international fanclub of german electronical-band "Welle: Erdball".
    Yes, there was other fanclub-releases in the past ("XV" and older) and there was a lot of support from different artists and success for that. And all was a benefit-thing. But that was in the past.
    Now we think 20-years is a good point to do it again... and here we go with a double-cd and 36 tracks and more than 140 minutes of music from Germany to the South of America and to the north of Europe ... from nice melodic catchy songs to harsh powerful electronics, from lovely female voices to dark male ones ... from German-electro-pop to nordic-electro-pearls, from wave to EBM... from new artists to old heroes... ...a kaleidoscope of artist which brings all together: a fine mixture of art.
    Include a lot of Danish EBM/Synth bands: Fake The Envy, Softwave, deZeption, Techne, Navy Bruise, Am Tierpark, Neotek, Bionic Bitch and many others.
    Of course this release is once again a benefit-release: the earnings of this production goes (like anytime before) to the "SOS Kinderdörfer" (www.sos-kinderdoerfer.de) and all of the artists give their track for that idea, so we give this nice idea as a nice release for a nice price to you.
    01 w:e m-m - Monoton & Minimal
    02 Hertzinfarkt - Tanz Baby Tanz (Erdknall Mix)
    03 Die Perlen - Montag
    04 2WIRED - Pornophil (XX-Mischung)
    05 Uselesssense - Ich will nicht!
    06 Kontrast - Europareise (Akustikschaumstoffremix von Uselesssense)
    07 Testbild - Neustart:Raumschiff
    08 Melted Moon - Caramelldansen (8-BIT-Re-Chip)
    09 mind.area - Die Lektion
    10 Graphik Magazin - Where Have The Years Gone ?
    11 Hell-O - The Day You Leave (Telektroponk Mix)
    12 Rias 64 - Erst komm ich (feat. Diana)
    13 AD:keY - Autodynamik (Dancemix)
    14 Sturtzfrequenz - Digitalkrieg (MaschinenMix)
    15 MRDTC - Sufferhead
    16 Angst Pop - Ødipus Rex 2012
    17 Divamee - Away From You
    18 Volkova - The Call
    19 Den Forspildte Elite - Dag
    01 Wasserkraft Manifest - Analogsignal
    02 NEUELIEBE - Receive
    03 Fake The Envy - These Are The Fools
    04 Softwave - Awake But Still Asleep
    05 Disrupted Being - Edge
    06 deZeption - While The Wind Blows
    07 Techne - Blind Me
    08 Navy Bruise - Airhead
    09 Am Tierpark - Tiger Tiger
    10 Ras Bolding - Load Error
    11 ManMindMachine - Steam On (ClubMix)
    12 Neotek - Pink Noise (2016 Hörerclub Mix)
    13 MachineSoldier - Nothing New (Q-Mix)
    14 Bionic Bitch - Vengeance
    15 Monospore - Standing High
    16 Altarian Project - Anger
    17 Tsantsa - Endymion

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