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      Marc Heal
      "The Hum"

      Label: Armalyte Industries (2016)

      Debut album from alternative legend Marc Heal, frontman of CUBANATE, C-TEC, PIGFACE and ASHTRAYHEAD, following on from the recent ‘Adult Fiction’ EP and last year’s sold out ‘Compound Eye’ EP
      The album features ten brand new tracks recorded in Singapore and in many cases inspired by life in the chaotic megacities of the east. The album is named after the mysterious throbbing and groaning sound that has been reported and occasionally recorded worldwide in recent years. No-one is certain of the cause of the noise. “Well, it was quite a mysterious process to me. I hadn’t been inspired to write music in such a long time. For years I did nothing. Suddenly I couldn’t stop. I wrote 16 songs in 5 weeks,” says Marc.
      Although still using hard electronics and rooted in industrial music, the sound of the album is quite different from the chanting techno that characterised Cubanate. Lyrically dense, with a darker, more melodic feel, 'The Hum' is an altogether more personal album than anything Marc has produced before.

      01 Tiananmen 02 Katarina’s House 03 Adult Fiction 04 Model Citizen 05 Show Homes for Luxury Living 06 The abandoned Junkshop 07 Wounded Dog 08 Johnny was an Oilman 09 Monoxide 10 Faithful Machinery

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