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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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    Halv Drøm
    "Slum Vatic"

    Label: Fleisch (2020)

    The Berlin-based artist and Fleisch co-founder is back on his resident label with a debut LP titled Slum Vatic. Not constrained to any genres but still operating in a dance floor-driven universe, Halv Drøm takes on industrial, body and more all awash in a dystopian haze of post-punk guitars and field recordings from the beyond. Today we present, “Psyops”, which is probably my favorite track on the release and leaves you with a bitter sweet sense of nostalgia but with a strong desire to want more. Ultimately, Slum Vatic represents some of the artist’s best work to date.
    1.Spitting Magically 04:22
    2.Slum Vatic 05:49
    3.Gut Instincts 05:58
    4.Powders & Dust 06:35
    5.Oozing 05:04
    6.Nostalgia Drowning 06:06
    7.Future Alternatives 05:07
    8.Psyops 06:41

dkk 150/eur 20