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      Die Klute
      "Planet Fear "

      Label: Cleopatra Records (2019)

      Special American Import, that´s why the prices are higher than usual!
      Collaborations are not too unusual in electronic music but this outlet truly deserves the label “super group”: DIE KLUTE are veteran musicians Jürgen Engler from DIE KRUPPS, Claus Larsen of LEÆTHER STRIP and KLUTÆ fame, and FEAR FACTORY’s Dino Cazares. All three of them are legends and pioneers of their genre with a huge back-catalogue and great legacy. So ‘Planet Fear’, the album the three partners in crime released as DIE KLUTE (a hybrid of DIE KRUPPS and KLUTÆ, as you already guessed) should be one hell of a record, right?
      The album kicks off with the hammering ‘If I Die’ followed by the super-groovy ‘Out Of Control’, a potential floor filler at Industrial clubs around the world. ‘Planet Fear’ hardly slows down the tempo and delivers one sonic attack after another, so a mid-tempo track like ‘Born For A Cause’ or the dark, dystopian ‘For Nothing’ are welcome changes. Engler, Larsen and Cazares showcase on the album why they are at the top of their game and you get exactly what you would expect from DIE KLUTE. You just don’t get the unexpected... Most interesting song, in this regard, is ‘She Watch Channel Zero’, a cover version of PUBLIC ENEMY’s classic from their legendary 1988 album ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’.

      While the production, programming and arrangements of ‘Planet Fear’ is spot-on and flawless it would have done good if Engler, Larsen and Cazares would have left their comfort zone a bit more often to offer something unexpected and different. But if you are looking simply for another dose of stomping, head-first Industrial Metal and EBM killer songs there’s no reason to hesitate to get your hands on ‘Planet Fear’!

      01. If I Die
      02. Out Of Control
      03. The Hangman
      04. Rich Kid Loser
      05. For Nothing
      06. Human Error
      07. It’s All In Vain
      08. Born For A Cause
      09. Infectious
      10. Push The Limit
      11. Channel Zero
      12. MOFO

    dkk 150/eur 20