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Beneath The Whelm
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      "Hikikomori "

      After the album 'Reset', released late 2016, Torul are finally back with a highly anticipated new Album. Since their previous album, the band has been very active, releasing no less than four singles as a 'warm up' to the new full-length album: 'Explain' with a splendid video shot in an abandoned air base, then 'You won', an animated piece of an imaginative world passing by, followed by 'Ausverkauft' and finally 'The Sooner the Better', a catchy bitter-sweet song with a solo dance video, saying 'I need to forget you/forgive you… the sooner the better'. They also added a Slovenian single titled 'Spanje' which is about Torulsson's sleeping disorders.
      The band about the album:
      “If we had to point out one Torul album that was (most) spontaneously put together, it would be 'Hikikomori'. There were more than twenty songs in production of which 13 finally made it to the album. The final selection was almost an auto-selection, only the songs that made sense to put them on the album were chosen.It was a period of changes and progression; Torulsson's vocals are now present on more than half of the songs, often complementing Maj's voice, but also soloed some of the tracks. The reason is simple—the direct expression of the songwriter wherever it seems to be the best choice. Introducing a bass guitar as a 'new instrument' in Torul music with the song “Explain”, it is now present also in some of the other tracks on the album. However, Hikikomori is still mostly an electropop album, strongly influenced by synthpop, synthwave and electro (…) - a bit dark, but at the same time it's intentionally as light as possible! Music is therapy, cure, hope!”
      01 You Won 02 Explain 03 Ausverkauft 04 So long, Goodbye 05 The sooner the better 06 Hikikomori 07 Spanje 08 Stay this Way 09 In our World 10 Bad Boy dreaming 11 Good to see you Home 12 You won (Live from Rehearsal) 13 Threnody

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