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      "Alles Ist Gut"

      Label: Grönland Records (2018)

      Not only did they release scads of great electropunk dance noise, but they actually wrote a song about dancing with Adolf Hitler! That’s right, they were Germans with an actual sense of humor! And not only that, but the brutal Thump! Thump! Thump! of their drums evoked the sound of 88-millimeter shells falling on Stalingrad. What’s more, vocalist Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López kinda sounded like what I imagine Josef Goebbels might have sounded like had he forgone the whole loser Nazi propaganda shtick and gone the club music route instead. In short, they made WWII rock!

      D.A.F., as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft are more popularly known, were formed as a five piece in 1978, but attrition soon whittled the band down to a duo consisting of vocalist Delgado-López and Robert Görl on drums, percussion, and electronic instruments. D.A.F. released seven LPs over the course of its career, and said LPs run the gamut from quite listenable to dead-raising cacophonies. My fave is 1981’s Alles Ist Gut (or “Everything’s Cool”). And not just because the “Deutsche Phono-Akademie,” whoever they are, awarded Alles Ist Gut the coveted “Schallplattenpreis” Award, whatever that is.

      The first thing you should know about D.A.F. is that Delgado-López’s odd phrasing isn’t a figment of my imagination. Delgado himself told an interviewer, “The singing isn’t like rock ’n’ roll or pop singing. It’s sometimes like in a Hitler speech, not a Nazi thing, but it’s in the German character, that crack! crack! crack! way of speaking.” So now we not only have the Thump! Thump! Thump! of shells exploding all over the place, we have the Crack! Crack! Crack! of rifle fire as well.
      1. Sato-Sato
      2. Der Mussolini
      3. Rote Lippen
      4. Mein Herz macht bum
      5. der Räuber und der Prins
      6. Ich und die Wirklichkeit
      7. Als wär's das letzte Mal
      8. Verlier nicht den Kopf
      9. Alle gegen alle
      10. Alles ist gut

    dkk 130/eur 17