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Pouppee Fabrikk
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    Old School Union
    "Vartalovasara "

    Label: Ek Product (2020)

    The return to the Oldschool Union scene is synonymous with pure technological energy.

    Rough, melodic and extremely dynamic, the sound by the Finnish project fully reflect the classic EBM/Electropunk schemes, enhanced by texts pronounced in native Finnish language. The result is a solid set of rhythms, minimal harmonies and vocal incitements, specifically combined to send into raptures the alternative dancefloors.

    Vartalovasara continues the discographical career of the duo, consolidating their fame and sending fans of this specific genre into ecstasy, this through an irresistible EBM in good ‘oldschool’ fashion and the irreverent intransigence of punk, both melt and interpreted with absolute consistency, up to produce an explosion of modulations able to involve the listener The fourteen tracks on this new album are PACKED with truly remarkable power and a dancing force impossible to resist! The gritty electro-appeal of "Vartalovasara" once again demonstrates the validity of Oldschool Union and the high competence they have achieved in perfecting their style. The new album also includes an amazing remix by Projekt 26, that addes even more sonic kilotons to a release that will be long remembered!

    1 Jonnet 2:58
    2 Vartalovasara 2:22
    3 Varjojen Maa 3:42
    4 Teosto 4:00
    5 Emo-Jari 3:16
    6 Doris 3:17
    7 Alzheimer 3:22
    8 Frank 2:56
    9 Sydänsuruja 3:00
    10 Darwinkarsin 2:48
    11 Ostovoimayksikkö 3:40
    12 24 3:03
    13 Iso Kone 4:28
    14 Vartalovasara (Projekt 26 remix)

dkk 120/eur 16