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      God Module

      The US-grandmasters of Horror-Electro are cordially inviting you to a sonic invocation of ghosts. Dark soundscapes on thundering beats provide a massive foundation for mastermind Jasyn Bangert’s banshee-shouts when he sets out on a club-compatible séance comprised of 12 tracks. Death Disco on a Ouija board – the band’s relentlessly aggressive return to form sees them fusing memorable melodies with killer sounds and tons of bass. “Séance” is released as a deluxe 2CD-Digipak including the “Rituals”-EP (only available as a separate release overseas.) Jasyn Bangert and his band have created their very own subgenre of hard Electronica, always true to the motto that “every day is Halloween!” God Module deliver a soundtrack that fits hand in glove.

    dkk 140/eur 18