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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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    Rhys Fulber

    Label: Aufname + Wiedergabe (2020)

    "Diaspora" is the name of his new four track EP that will be releasing on the venerated German label. As per normal, high quality digital downloads are available for purchase alongside a 12" limited edition record to a number of 500. Describing Rhys Fulber's output on "Diaspora" is easy to the trained and familiar ear; anything ranging from techno, industrial, EBM, rhythmic noise, and combinations thereof will find plenty to love from this EP. If the opening night club scene from 1998's Blade were to have been extended and this EP released in the past, I'm sure these songs would find a righteous home among the raving party-goers.

    The EP opens with the strongest song out of the bunch which is 'Slip It In' featuring Sara Taylor of Youth Code. This is a match made in heaven as Taylor's scratchy and raw voice intimidates and menaces all those before her presence and Rhys Fulber's catchy and addictive beats hypnotize. It's a slow building song, going from an atmospheric quiet and tips over the top into crunchy screaming and grimy synthetic lines. This pulse-pounding song and the rest that follow have nothing but the cleanest of production.

    The following three songs follow the standard of Fulber's excellent sound design, each lasting around six minutes or longer. There are enough moments of twists and turns that throw in glitchy beats of electronic bliss and destructive and ominous oscillations. The design on 'Holy Trinitite' was perhaps my favorite of the instrumental bunches for the song followed through on its title; it gave way a cinematic and epic tale fitting the name of the song. Review from Brutal Resonance webzine.
    1.Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor) 05:35
    2.Signal Flare 06:10
    3.Holy Trinitite 07:31
    4.Digital Tension 05:56

dkk 100/eur 14