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    Mono No Aware
    "Mujoo "

    Impermanence, the need for change: A fundamental philosophical issue is the main theme for MONO NO AWARE’s 7th album. Thus, “Mujoo” adds new aspects to the established Mono sound: His archetypal raw and relentless rhythm’n’noise sound at times makes way for a variety of sonic textures, a genre-bending effort embracing more technoid and more experimental and atmospheric realms at the same time. And the choice of remixers couldn’t be more appropriate with HYPNOSKULL and CUBIC NOMAD both being spearheads of just that sound that combines the rough and noisy foundations of industrial with highly energetic and addictive rhythm work.

    Confronted with the imperative to let go, where words fail, sound works as a transmission for Leif Künzel: Coming to terms with the necessity of change to maintain a balance in life, he breaks with some of his own traditions. The first is, he took “just” two years to produce the follow-up to the much-praised “OTO”. And then, he maintains the noisy bedrock that the Mono sound is built upon (and which was boiled down to its essence on OTO), but plays with it freely.
    Don’t be fooled by the hell-raising openers “Isx 27” and “In Endless Change” – classic agitating MONO NO AWARE bangers for sure, keep calm and work up a sweat. More of that sound is to be found in the 80 minutes of “Mujoo” (“Is it Legal?”) but there’s also that: The bumping, head-nodding rhythms of “Sato” or “Don’t Crash” – which will definitely make their way into industrial techno sets, the resonating, almost silently detached “In a large room”, “Not my Party” or “In a Loop”, the vigorously pounding hardcore thumps of “A Good Decision”, “Oh Boy” and, well, “Pounding”.

    Fellow rhythm noise veteran HYPNOSKULL gives “It’s over” the abrasive techno treatment; and Dark.Descent. label boss and industrial hardcore ringleader Maurice Pinkster aka CUBIC NOMAD infuses “Impulse Response” with vicious snares and acid throbs.

    Nothing lasts forever, but Mono No Aware has secured a newfound balance and an artistic outlook to go places!
    01 Isx 27 02 In Endless Change 03 Impulse Response 04 Sato 05 In a Large Room
    06 Is it Legal? 07 It’s Over 08 A Good Decision 09 X 10 Don’t Crash 11 It’s Over (Hypnoskull Remix) 12 Impulse Response (Cubic Nomad Remix)

    13 Oh Boy 14 Pounding 15 Not My Party 16 In a Loop

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