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    Die Krupps
    "Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven"

    Label: Oblivion Records (2021)

    Industrial Rock legends DIE KRUPPS return with their first ever covers album celebrating the music that influenced them over the years.
    Includes supercharged versions of Devo’s “Whip it,” Sparks’ “The Number One Song in Heaven,” Gang of Four’s “To Hell with Poverty” and more!
    Features special guest appearances by Killing Joke’s Big Paul Ferguson, The Stooges’ James Williamson, The 69 Eyes’ Jyrki 69 and The Dictators’/Manowar’s Ross The Boss!
    The mothership of German industrial/metal crossover strikes again! Since 1980, Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper and their various comrades-in-arms have shaped the alternative/electronic music scene like no other band, especially through the sophisticated combination of the two styles "industrial" and "metal" that they created in the 1990s and that didn't even exist before. Countless other acts have since adapted this style, which was invented and launched by this extraordinary band.
    Now it's time for DIE KRUPPS to pay tribute to their own heroes - and to do that, what could be better than an album filled to the brim with cover versions in typical DIE KRUPPS electro metal style? But see and hear for yourself, the men around Jürgen Engler have subjected real gems to their "treatment":
    Tracks (same for CD and Vinyl):
    01 The Number One Song in Heaven (originally by Sparks)
    02 Chinese Black feat. Jyrki 69 (originally by The Neon Judgement)
    03 Whip it (originally by Devo)
    04 (Don’t fear) The Reaper feat. James Williamson (originally by Blue Öyster Cult)
    05 To Hell with Poverty! feat. Big Paul Ferguson (originally by Gang Of Four)
    06 No more Heroes feat. Ross The Boss (originally by The Stranglers)
    07 Another One bites the Dust (originally by Queen)
    08 Marilyn Dreams (originally by B-Movie)
    09 Collapsing New People (originally by Fad Gadget)
    10 New York (Version 9/11) (originally by Herringer & Siciliano)

dkk 180/eur 24