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Spirituality And Distortion
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      Distorted Memory
      "The Eternal Return"

      Label: Disciples Of The Watch
      Sure to be an essential album of 2013, Distorted Memory's third studio album "The Eternal Return" continues a legacy of inventive and forward thinking dark electro that fans have come to expect from this Canadian project.
      Never one to repeat himself, this album once again takes an adventurous approach to dark electronic music as have previous works. This time around there is a return to inspirational roots, blending sounds of early EBM with the stylings and aural aesthetics of the new dark indie movement. The Eternal Return is the most emotional, and honest Distorted Memory album to date focused more on personal and uni- versal topics rather than an overall theme as has been the tradition on previous releases. With a blend of retro grooves, creative sound design, and the naturally harsh vocals that began to appear on ‘Swall-
      owing the Sun’ this album creates a truly unique blend of ideas that is well beyond simple comparisons!

    dkk 120/eur 16