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      "The Manichaean Consciousness"

      The struggle between a good, spiritual world of light and an evil, material world of darkness - the cosmology entitled manichaeism built the ideological foundation for Hypnoskull's eleventh album on ant-zen. In addition, Pier Paolo Pasolini's essay 'apology', published in 1968 was also a main inspiration for 'The Manichaean Consciousness'. those who are familiar with the 'die4.generation' release will recognize related topics while listening to the 'Kommando g elser' track - a perpetual connection between noble purposes and the final results of terrorism. The sound on this album is based on varied beats as carriers for restrained aggression and dark, Ominous vibes where canalized noise bursts interfere with technoid rhythmic loops, blurred soundscapes and well-placed spoken and sampled voices. compared with its predecessors, 'the manichaean consciousness' unleashes its force in a more subliminal way, comparable with a slow poison that takes effect late but effective. This is Hypnoskull at his' very best - music that makes you move and think at the same time.
      1 the manichaean consciousness
      2 obfuscate meanings
      3 given this total distrust
      4 die zukunft (findet nicht mehr statt)
      5 idols and hatreds
      6 reine schikane
      7 distorted by connotations
      8 bad verses
      9 dissident (anti techno club version)
      10 was hier vorgeht (33mhz edit)
      11 save the people from the people
      12 kommando g elser
      13 a force of reason
      14 der neue held

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