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Lights Of Euphoria
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Zero One Seven
Frame Of Mind
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Only Melodies Remain
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      "United Radiations"

      Geistform drops “United Radiations”, a bold statement in 2019, two CDs packed to the brim with his inimitably rhythmic tracks, making use of about every element he has previously worked with in order to deliver what is arguably his most comprehensive album to date.
      A technoid pulse, an electro swagger, washes of distortion and analogue noise and sparsely used samples are the main ingredients of this homogenous artistic effort. And let’s not forget, a radioactivity-themed album surely means following in some of the largest footsteps in electronic music, but Rafael Espinosa tackles the challenge with confidence and success.

      From the buzzling, crackling industrial foundations to the immediate dance floor appeal (and hit potential!) of recent vinyl releases, from the abstraction of Espinosas’s adventures in sound design to futuristic semi-melodic tunes, the “United Radiations” show Geistform refining all of those aspects of his discography and feeding them through crisp, up-to-date production techniques. In the true spirit of the album’s theme, Geistform has the amalgamation of styles down to a science, moving effortlessly among them with a seamless fluidity that keeps thing exciting all the way through. So choose your element, make use of it in whichever way you may prefer, “United Radiations” are in the air for you and me, for cerebral impulse and somatic impact alike. A true cornucopia of greatness!
      01 Espacio Profundo
      02 Finlandia Suomi
      03 Permafrost
      04 Pulse Frequency
      05 Gravity Probe
      06 Cyclo Beta
      07 Vertical Horizon
      08 Ecos
      09 Norilsk
      10 Monitor
      11 Electron Voltio
      12 Steraidan
      13 Cyclic

      01 Radium
      02 Gravitación
      03 Quasar
      04 VL Array
      05 Perturbation
      06 Ion
      07 Gray
      08 Negative Mass
      09 Reactor
      10 Nucleo
      11 Veus
      12 Tundra

    dkk 180/eur 24