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      Lucifer´s Aid

      Carl Nilsson aka. Lucifer's Aid has quickly established himself as one of the strongest new forces on the EBM scene over the last year with shows on all major festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen, NCN, Amphi Festival, E-tropolis, Electronic Winter and Progress13 to name just a few. Something that we dont think has EVER been made within a one year timeframe. When he now returns with the MiniCD "Reconstruction" it is with such an unstoppable force of energy that ALL alternative dancefloors around the world will simply be boiling. Straight, hard and cluboriented versions on some of his already now classic tracks like "Deep Inside", "Future Mess" and "Unfollow Me" mixed with brand new tracks. It´s for sure one of the best hard electronic releases we have ever seen released from the nordics. A new chapter in hard danceable, rhythmic industrial EBM mixing the cold harsh feeling of acts such as The Klinik, Dive and Front 242 taking it to a new 2018 level.
      1. Future Mess (Reworked)
      2. Deep Inside (Reworked)
      3. Suffer In Silence
      4. No Way Back (Reworked)
      5. Unfollow Me (Reworked)
      6. Apart
      7. Confusion (Reworked)
      8. The Warning (Reworked)
      9. Be Prepared

    dkk 80/eur 10