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Let Out The Noise Inside
I Saw Nothing Good So I Left
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
Artificial Extinction
Artificial Extinction
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      On the eagerly awaited new album, the beat-factory that is Accessory sets out to flex some serious muscle. "Resurrection" is club culture infused with bass: raw, groovy and seriously sexy!

      Always a household name for an irresistible fusion of hard beats, fat synthetic sounds and catchy floor fillers, the friendly electroheads from Accessory couldn't have found a more fitting title for their newest long player, celebrating a rejuvenating "Resurrection" of their trademark sound as a fierce club monster with addictive powers that feel barely legal. The two eternal cornerstones of EBM and Techno are slyly infused with highly combustible material, such as auto-tune-laden dance floor attacks and all other sorts of influences from all corners of modern club culture, to provide this explosive bass-reflexology with the right amount of punch. Garnished with an extra hot shot of sleaziness, Accessory are concentrating on the essential element for electronic dance music: 12 tracks of good old dirty FUN! Straight from the speakers into your legs! And for all those of you that can never get enough, the lads are also pushing a deluxe double CD version of their low frequency onslaught into the shops… including a bonus disc with 8 more unreleased and searing hot tracks and remixes. Sex, beats and tons of bass - so why don't you just leave your "I am an evil serial killer"-attitude in the closet and shake that booty until your buttocks start smoking? You want it and you know it!


      1. Burn (In-Tro)
      2. Squeeze My Heart
      3. Dance Hard Beating
      4. Outrun The Gun
      5. Wake Up
      6. Pulse
      7. Nemesis
      8. Faceless
      9. Stand Up And Fight
      10. False Hope (Let´s Get Dirty Mix)
      11. Hate´s gonna F*** You
      12. Deeper On The Floor


      1. Nimm Mich
      2. False Hope (Original Mix)
      3. Little Girl
      4. Outrun The Gun (Electrovot Remix)
      5. Bang Like A Kick Drum
      6. Flickering Lights
      7. Squeeze My Heart (Lounge Back Version)
      8. Outrun The Gun (Remixed by Cephalgy)
      9. Pulse (Very Serious Mix by Cyanide Regime)
      10. Outrun The Gun (8prova Remix by Nydhog)
      11. Pulse (Remixed by Davantage)
      12. Stand Up And Fight (Hardstyle Mix)
      13. Dropout

    dkk 140/eur 18