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      Leæther Strip

      Label: Laebel (2017)

      Someone is turning 50 this November, so what better reason to celebrate such a fruitful career than by calling your album 50, right? We wish Claus a happy 50th this November and thank him (and Kurt) through our support.
      I think that Claus went back and listened to his mid-late 90s discography and also some of his 80s influences because both of those seem apparent in 50. With “Mad Culture” and “Into Its Eyes,”
      I’m instantly thrown back into the days of Legacy of Hate and Lust. It’s like going back to your homeland but with a few new buildings since the last time. “My Worth” goes back a bit to the Self Inflicted sound (which is alright by me!) and retains the brooding feeling. “Don’t Scream At Me” is somewhere in there with a hint of Underneath the Laughter tossed in for good measure.
      On the other hand, tracks like “Aelements” and “We Die Alone” are a bit reminiscent of later day and early Gary Numan respectively. “Feed My Pride” is upbeat track and has sort of a sped-up Devo-vibe crossed with his own “Black Gold” days.
      The majority of the tracks on 50 are pretty upbeat and dance floor-friendly depending on how fast you like to move. However, “We Die Alone” has a pretty dark aura has a bit of that feeling that some of the tracks on Legacy of Hate and Lust do.
      As prolific as Claus has been and as many albums he’s unleashed, one might assume that he has some quality issues. No. He’s just that inspired. The sounds herein on 50 aren’t recycled like some bands. Moreover, it goes without saying that Claus has never played by a rule book. Instead, he’s created his own and inspired a legion of other bands.
      Review taken for the webzine The Noise Beaneath the snow
      1. Into Its Eyes (Meathook Massacre II Theme) 04:44
      2. Don't Scream At Me 05:21
      3. Mad Culture 04:43
      4. Feed My Pride 04:30
      5. We Die Alone 04:13
      6. Ælements 05:11
      7. My Worth 05:52
      8. I Am Disturbed 05:08
      9. We Can Destroy It 04:05
      10.The Executioner 04:50
      11.Ways To Fail 04:59
      12.Boys 03:42

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