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    Electro Spectre
    "Been Too Long (Extended)"

    Label: Razgrom Music (2017)

    ELECTRO SPECTRE is back! One and a half year after successful album «Beautiful Lies» (appearing on many ‘best electro albums of 2016’-lists on several web-sites), the band presents a new mini-album. During spring 2017, ELECTRO SPECTRE released 2 digital only EPs, now
    being made available for the first time as a combined physical release. The CD version includes all tracks from the digital EPs several exclusive remixes, not available anywhere else.
    In contrast to the previous album, the sound of ELECTRO SPECTRE has become more dynamic and dance-oriented and the 4 new songs presented on this CD have all the potential to become true electro-pop hits! However, the main components of ELECTRO SPECTREs sound remain un-changed: an excellent sense for stylish music, the exquisite sound of vintage analog synthesizers, a clear retro-futurism atmosphere, a specifically Scandinavian melancholy and the expressive vocals of Alexander Björneboe.
    ELECTRO SPECTRE originates from the Norwegian pop/electronica scene, and has grown massively over past years. The band's unique sound - combining strong, melodious vocals and sophisticated electronic production - materializes in highly addictive pop music. The songs will lure and seduce you. Caress you. Lead you through light and darkness. Reach for your soul…
    ELECTRO SPECTRE's past and present work proves that the band belongs to the leading bands in modern electro-pop. They toured frequently during recent years, both as headliners and as support act for bands such as MARSHEAUX, COVENANT, MELOTRON, MESH…
    Note: None of the songs/versions of this limited release will be included on the next album!
    01 Been too long (Extended Play) [3:48]
    02 Little Wonder (Radio Edit) [2:58]
    03 The Colour of Your Love [4:15]
    04 The secret Path [3:09]
    05 Little Wonder (SPECTREs Dub Revenge Pt1) [7:24]
    06 Little Wonder (SPECTREs Dub Revenge Pt2) [4:17]
    07 Been too long (Christofer Nergaard Miami Squeeze Dub) [4:24]
    08 Little Wonder (Flute Mix) [3:38]
    09 Been too long (Brother's Keepers Mix) [3:39]
    10 Little Wonder (Christofer Nergaard's Club Mix) [3:47]
    11 Been too long (Heart of Darkness Mix) [3:40]
    12 The Secret Path (Original Version) [3:35]

dkk 120/eur 16